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Buildings are built from stone or brick for a reason. The reason being simple in that nothing beats the durability of masonry for both residential and commercial structures. However, even well-laid bricks will break down over time. When your building encounters this inevitable issue, repointing may be the answer. Not only can repointing repair your brick or stone damage, you can also dramtically improve the appearance of a building while protecting it against future issues.
Repointing is an essential step in any building restoration project. We incorporate proven methodologies across all of our projects in order to return brick work to its original form.
Our multi-step process involves removing previous pointing, an analysis of damage, consulting regarding the appropriate restoration process & finishing with repointing with a suitable mix.

We have completed brickwork projects across London & home counties and specialise in restoration in both the commercial & residential sector. Some of portfolio of work includes Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Offices & all types of residential homes.

Harte Stone & Brickwork Restoration

Why Repointing Is Essential

Improves the Overall Aesthetic of Your Structure

While mortar is not intended just for aesthetics, it can still be used to improve a building’s exterior visual appeal. When mortar degrades, it may chip, crack or fall out, resulting in brick surfaces that look decrepit and uneven. Repointing restores mortar for a crisp, clean brick outline. Buildings look newer and better cared for when they are repointed.

Equips Masonry To Bear Weight Properly

Even small houses need weight distribution and bricks are key to maintaining this . Mortar keeps bricks aligned so that the weight of a house is distributed in an even manner. Once mortar chips cracks, the building’s weight will become inconsistent. This may cause the bricks & mortar – to crack, bulge or fall out. Degraded masonry can then collapse from the structures weight distribution, putting the public in harm’s way.

Prevents more costly repairs later

Since mortar is the lifeblood of a brick structure, repointing regularly is the best way to keep that structure healthy and strong. When neglected, brick walls will start to flake, crumble and bulge. At this point, repairs become more expensive than the cost of preventative repointing.

Keeps Moisture Out Of The Walls

Mortar can also prevent moisture from damaging bricks. Since each brick is but one section of a greater structure, there are many openings where water and moisture can enter. Mortar seals these gaps to keep water where it belongs—on the outside. Once mortar has disintegrated, water can trickle in, damaging interior walls and encouraging mold growth. Some types of mold can cause health problems, and residents may not realize that their walls contain mold until it is too late to remediate.

All Types Of Repointing

Stone and brickwork can be repointed in many different style types. Different types of pointing will have different looks aesthetically but all will bring structural integrity to the property.
Our Expert Repointing team specialise in all types pointing: Ribbon, Tuck, Weathered, Flush, Bucket Handle, Penny Roll, Beaded & Recessed.
Each of these finishes has a different purpose and can be used to achieve a certain look on a masonry wall.

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