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Restoring buildings is a specialised skill and requires professionalism and a razor sharp attention to detail in order restore the aesthetic of a building. The first and most important step in any restoration project is the specialist cleaning of the building. This cleaning allows the original beauty of the building to be shown but also is essential step in analysing the damage of the property, which can accumulate over time with the pollution in cities. In order to restore a buildings aesthetic, specialist consideration needs to be taken in order to evaluate the right methods to use achieve the perfect result. Using incorrect methods or tools can cause damage to buildings, leaving buildings beyond repair. Cleaning not only allows us to strip back years of damage and pollution and in turn reveal the buildings former beauty but it also allows for essential visibility into the structural integrity of the stonework
Over time we have formulated a proven elite methodology for cleaning stone & brick in various techniques in both the commercial & residential sectors. Each individual project has its different specific requirements, this is why we take the time & consideration required to reach the optimum desired result. To achieve this we use state of the art industry leading machinery in DOFF & TORIK.
Harte Stone & Brickwork Restoration
  • Stone Cleaning

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Brick Cleaning

  • Moss & Algae Removal

  • Paint Removal

  • Landmark Cleaning

  • Facade Restoration


The client’s property looked abandoned, unhygienic and lost its aesthetic completely. With clear signs of damage and pollution ruining the look of the stone.

Harte Stone & Brickwork Restoration


After cleaning using state of the art technology, the client has a property to be proud of again. The stonework has been fully restored and looks as good as new.

Specialist Cleaning Systems

DOFF cleaning systems do not use any chemicals. Water is heated to 150 degrees celsius where it exits the system and then applied to the stone or brick to clean it. This system is very gentle as it uses low water pressure and a low volume of water, but it does give incredible results. Doff cleaning systems are perfect for removing algae, moss, and other biological spores, reducing growth and lessening the need for any chemicals. This method will also remove paint & wax coatings (most oil and plastic types), graffiti, chewing gum, bitumen, oil, grease, and much more.

TORIK systems has a revolutionary modulised nozzle which creates a gentle swirling vortex utilising low volumes of water, fine inert granulate and air. Torc cleaning is another system that uses low pressure to avoid damage. The system uses water, inert granules, and specially designed nozzles that create a vortex that helps to lift dirt. Our system has larger nozzles to use across large areas of brick or stonework and smaller nozzles to enable us to work on very small details. This method will remove limescale, brittle paints and carbon sulphation from your building.


We have extensive stone cleaning experience for commercial restoration projects such as hospitals, offices, historic buildings, churches and much more. Working on projects all across London and home counties as part of full renovation projects and also singular external restoration jobs. We also specialise in the restoration and cleaning of residential properties from stucco & Victorian houses to standard stone & brick dwellings.

We advise an holistic approach in order to completely rejuvenate your properties aesthetic. Which involves a combination of external hot water cleaning and analysis of potential structural damage. If required we will then repair damage to stonework and mouldings in order to replicate original appearance.



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